Errands and errants. Last weekend running around town with a sizzling spring rain keeping me warm and calm. I took a short break on one of the few remaining white benches in the Marais. Browsing Paris Match, Prairial presaging the approach of Summer, much too early. While Messidor is bearing witness of itself.

The town, Bastille and bastion, a nervousness, Airport police and soldiers no difference anyway heavily armed with as no objection Walther, Kalashnikov, Uzi and Heckler und Koch, if you're an refugee best come as a gun. Period. There are no limitations and no borders for weapons. And people welcome them frolicking. Stress.

Leaving this place by plane. Landing on the Sea where the sun refracts in the water. Ensenada, Pacific, L'intrus into. Of love and love things? If only...

Teatime, 2 min; 90 sec; 75 sec with Daughters of Revolutionary Women.

(Presaging the approach, presaging the approach: Zwei Stäbe, and gone.)


Andreas Reihse
Thomas Winkler

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