SELECTED FILM WORKS                                                



2020 with Zaza Rusadze: 5 short films for Shared Campus - The Ghost in Walls Trailer (1:07min) | Devil (2:12min) | Collusion (6.52min) | Two Cities (4:14min) | Ghosts (6:28min).

2020 with Zaza Rusadze: Kreidler, Eurydike, music video (4:09min) [MuVi - Award International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2020].

2020 with Benjamin Walther: Der Rest, trailer (1:29min).

2019/2020 with Dalia Neis: Spinoza's Vision [Redux] (7:49min).

2019 Kreidler, Nesindano, music video (4:25min).

2018 Seda Mimaroġlu & Andreas Reihse, No, music video (4:21min).

2018 with Benjamin Walther: Ich bin die Beute, trailer (0:45min).

2017 with Dalia Neis: Celluloid Corridors: Sermon (10:51min) [68th Berlinale 2018 - world premiere].

2017 with Dalia Neis & Mohamed A. Gawad: Celluloid Corridors: Timehelix (8:57min) [68th Berlinale 2018 - world premiere].

2018 Image Mouvement, 3-part mini series (15min).

2014 Long Lines Andropov's Ears (4:48min).

2012 Volkan, video (7:46min).

2012 No Moons, video (8:16min).

2012 Van, video (4:37min).

2008 Bad French, Le Chinoise, music video (2:53min).

2008 with Jutta Tränkle: April, Two Drifters, music video (3:42min).

2000 Thea Djordjadze, untitled ["WahrSagen Kaffeesatz"] (2:52min).

1985 Koordination Gehen, 8mm silent film (3min).



2017 Heinz Emigholz: 2+2=22 [The Alphabet], feature film [CO-PRODUCER].



2017 Heinz Emigholz: 2+2=22 [The Alphabet], feature film

2015 Anika: Bloodhound Dub [One-Hit Parade edit], music video

2004 Claudia Rorarius: Justus Köhncke - Was ist Musik?, music video

2004 Lothar Hempel: untitled, video

2003 Lothar Hempel: untitled, video

2001 Alexej Koschkarov: untitled Tortenschlacht




2017 Frances Scholz u. Aura Rosenberg: Wintermorgen, Berlin Childhood around 1900.

2015 Branka Prlić: Barbara Morgenstern w. Justus Köhncke - Übermorgen, music video.



2020 Maral Salmassi: Arya Zappa - Now or always, music video [LIGHTING TECHNICAN].



Tatia Shaburishvili, Snow, short film (7min) 2020.

Heinz Emigholz, The Last City, feature film with Kreidler 2020.

Sibylle Berg, Nerds retten die Welt, booktrailer (1min) 2020.

p≡p coop, video (3:28min) 2018.

Fette Sans, (re-)discipline in [redacted], video (35min), 2018.

Heinz Emigholz, 2+2=22 [The Alphabet], feature film with Kreidler 2017.

Awst & Walther, Wild Shore, video (9:36min) 2017.

Jutta Tränkle, Mummenschanz, feature film 2016.

Sibylle Berg, Der Tag, als meine Frau einen Mann fand, booktrailer (4min) 2015.

Tommy Pallotta / Femke Wolting, Last Hijack with Alex Paulick and Thomas Klein as Kreidler 2014

- feature film (83min)

- interactive website [Emmy - Award 2015].

Heinz Emigholz, The Airstrip, feature film with Kreidler 2014.

Manon Awst, Far and Wide Film | Fflim Tu Hwnt, video (6:30min) 2014.

Lars Heller, i piscaturi, Porticello, Loop (1min) 2012.

Lars Heller, United Nations Climate Change - Momentum for Change, video (9min) 2011.

Michael Franz, Nadim Vardag, Entropie, short film (12min), with Isaac Bigsby Trogdon 2011.

Jan Schmidt-Garre, Andreas Gursky - Long Shot Close up feature film, (60min) 2010.

Frances Scholz, Mark von Schlegell, China City, feature film (65min) 2010.

Stephanie Stein, Affenclub, video (5min) 2010/2016.

Jutta Tränkle, Florian Sachisthal, Kita-Preis Dreikäsehoch 2006, 3 videos 2007.

Michail Pirgelis, Alexander Wissel & Clubruine, Musik für Trude, 8mm film 2006.

Giles Round, Come dance with me at the edge of time and space, video (4min) 2006.

Giles Round, Come dance with me at the edge of time and space, video (9min) 2006.

Alexandra Sell, Durchfahrtsland, feature film (102min) with Thomas Klein as Kreidler 2004/2005.

Hamish Morrow, Fashion in Zero Gravity, London: Showstudio video (6min) 2004.

Thea Djordjadze with Rosemarie Trockel, Vodka makes us very very happy, video 2003.

Jutta Tränkle, Yoko Ono at Galerie Vostell Berlin, video 2001.


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