Selected Discography

Gawad | Reihse | Miller - Celluloid Corridors

Prof. Winkler - Heat will shift the Blame EP

Reihse | Trogdon - Entropie OST

M.O.R.A. More Of Radical Architecture

Schnitzler | Reihse - Con-Struct

Romantic Comedy

Musik for Furniture

Institut für Feinmotorik

Kante - Redirections

2017   Mohamed A. Gawad | Andreas Reihse | Dice Miller: Celluloid Corridors, Cassette/Dl (Wanda)

2016   Dice Miller | Andreas Reihse | Rene Schohe: Brixton X Roads' Live In West Germany, Berlin. on V/A - Wanda is not here, Cassette/Dl (Wanda)

2016   Andreas Reihse: 747 Mix, on Prof. Winkler - Heat will shift the Blame, Ep (Weltschmerzverlag)

2015   Andreas Reihse | Isaac B. Trogdon: Entropie OST, Lp (NYT)

2015   A&R [Annika Henderson | Andreas Reihse]: Weeping Willow, on V/A - music for plants (Dublab)

2014   Andreas Reihse: Long Lines Andropov's Ears, onV/A - M.O.R.A. More Of Radical Architecture (Ausfahrt)

2014   Andreas Reihse: Ernst-Reuter-Platz, on V/A - Wunderground, 2Cd (Dublab)

2012   Conrad Schnitzler | Andreas Reihse: Con-Struct, Lp/Cd (m=minimal)

2011   Andreas Reihse: Romantic Comedy, Lp/Cd (m=minimal)

2009   Die Keller Bänder, Cd

2008   BadFrench: MyParisianFriend Ep, Digital release (NeuKöln)

2008   BadFrench [Andreas Reihse & Kiki Moorse] - Parisian Friend on: V/A - female:pressure dvd1 (female pressure)

2006   V/A: (Un-alphabechdi) Cd

2006   April: Louis Vuitton Ep [featuring Post Industrial Boys], Digital release (Südstadt Virus)

2005   April: Südstadtvirus on: V/A - Stadtmusik Köln, 12" (onitor), Digital release (Südstadt Virus)

2005   Andreas Reihse: Kleines Musikbrevier [featuring Thea Djordjadze, Nika Onno Noël Djordjadze-Reihse], Jahresgabe, Cd (Kölnischer Kunstverein)

2005   Andreas Reihse: I Will - Mappe für Sponsoren und Mitarbeiter, Cd in ltd. box (self published)

2003   April: L.A. Message on V/A - Musik for Furniture | La belle Masseuse, Cd (Smoothrooms), Digital release (Südstadt Virus)

2001   April: if... [featuring Thea Djordjadze], 12" (italic), Digital release (Südstadt Virus)

2000   Binford [Andreas Reihse & Detlef Weinrich]: Eclipse on: V/A - Dancefloor, Can't get enough of your love, 3x12" (italic)

2000   April: if... on: V/A - Dancefloor, Can't get enough of your love, 3x12" (italic)

1999   Herkules Duo Dreigang Automatik [Andreas Reihse & Thomas Brinkmann]: Froh zu sein, bedarf es wenich on verschiedene cd-projekt, Cd (Institut für Feinmotorik)

1998   April & Seasons [Andreas Reihse & Detlef Weinrich]: Paradiser: Blank-Mix on: V/A: Kante Redirections, Lp/Cd (Stewardess)

1983   Andreas Reihse: Germ, Cassette (Naive Cassetten Produktionen)

1982   King Dada: Seid Nett Zur Natür , Cassette (Naive Cassetten Produktionen)



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