MOVES & UnderTheStairs at Image Movement [Oranienstraße 18 Berlin-Mitte] September 2010 - January 2019



UNTIL 31.01 UTS#30 »Wintermorgen« | »Weihnachtsengel« from Aura Rosenberg's & Frances Scholz' series Berlin Childhood around 1900
Videos on Hantarex


16.01 MOVES#164 Eva Teppe »Tracks, Life, and Videoptape«
A night with videos, film stills, and soundtracks

23.01 MOVES#165 »Phantasmagoria 2 - Labyrinth Of Blood« a movie by Cosmotropia De Xam
Film World Premiere

01.02 - 27.02 UTS#26 »Running in the Family I - Zintel & Solon«
Videos on Hantarex

27.02 MOVES#166 »Running in the Family II«

20.03 MOVES #167 Cornelia Herfurtner / David Iselin-Ricketts / John Allan MacLean »Flipping the Stationary Car«
3 D Screening [invited by Oliver Kohlmann]

27.03 MOVES#168 Robi Insinna »Hard Work«
Record Release | Prints | Paintings

10.04 MOVES#169 Ricardo Domeneck »A Reading«

19.04 MOVES#170 Paul-Philipp Hanske & Christian Werner »Die Blüten der Stadt«
Book launch, Reading

24.04 MOVES#171 »Verschleudern heißt verstreuen - der blauwerke Verlag«
Verlagsvorstellung [invited by Oliver Kohlmann]

13.04 - 14.05 UTS#28 Heidi Bucher & Gordon Matta-Clark
Videos on Hantarex

29.04 MOVESMatinée#172 Heidi Bucher & Gordon Matta-Clark
Catalog launch

07.05 »Image Movement zu Gast bei 64. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen«
Distributors' screening: works by Silva Agostini, Anton Plaenterwald / Peter Thoma, Dalia Neis / Andreas Reihse, Walter Solon, Suzan Pitt, Tobias Yves Zintel, Leiko Ikemura, KUR (Jagoda / Schoenthaler) [curated & presented by Oliver Kohlmann & Andreas Reihse]

15.05 MOVES#173 Karl Marx's 200th !
Album Launch with performances by Seda Mimaroĝlu & Yr Lovely Dead Moon

22.05 MOVES#174 Oliver Kohlmann & Andreas Reihse »Neunzehnhundertsechsundachtzig«
Picture Caption Tone Sough

06.06 MOVES#175 »Space is the Place | Shopping Bag Spirits and Freeway Fetishes: Reflections on Ritual Space«
Screenings, with introductory speechs by Anna Gritz, and Eric D. Clark

12.06 MOVES#176 Tom Neubauer »41 Bilder«
Artist Book launch [invited by Oliver Kohlmann]

13.06 - 30.06 UTS#29 Tom Neubauer »41 Bilder«
Wall piece, Videos on Hantarex

26.06 MOVES#177 Nika Radić | Corin Arnold »We Travel a Lot«
Record Release Party, Artists Edition, Screening, Talk

03.07 MOVES#178 Stephanie Kloss »Hannah«
Screening [invited by Oliver Kohlmann]

10.07 MOVES#179 Melina Pafundi »Film trilogy«
Screening, Artist talk

18.09 MOVES#181 Vladislav Zakshevsky »Logic of Prono« with live performance by Notary
Screening, Musical performance

25.09 MOVES#180 Melina Pafundi »Cuando el nino«
Screening, Artist Talk

16.10 MOVES#182 Jeff Hanes pres. »Jackie Boy«
Screening, Talk, Popcorn

23.10 MOVES#183 Montez Press pres. »The Interjection Calendar Night at Image Movement«
Book launch, Reading, Artists Talk

30.10 MOVES#184 Frances Scholz & Mark von Schlegell »Amboy«
Screening, Artists Talk

13.11 MOVES#185 Seda Mimaroğlu & Andreas Reihse » Loose Leaves«
Album launch | Screening | Reading | Artists Talk

20.11 MOVES#186 Nik Nowak »Two Films«
Screening, Artist talk

27.11 MOVES#187 Steve Paul Steven Paul
Screening [invited by Oliver Kohlmann]

04.12.18 - 31.01.19 UTS#30 »Wintermorgen« | »Weihnachtsengel« from Aura Rosenberg's & Frances Scholz' series Berlin Childhood around 1900
Videos on Hantarex

05.12 MOVES#188 Konrad Kraft »Arctica«
Album launch | Live performance | Video

15.12 »Glühwein, Spekulatius, Konsumprodukte«
Screening of »Wintermorgen« and »Weihnachtsengel« part of Aura Rosenberg's & Frances Scholz' series Berlin Childhood around 1900
Plus Andreas Reihse playing artists' christmas records, and
Serving hot spicy wine, Bratapfel, and Christmas bisquits

18.12 MOVES#189 Nissa Nishikawa & Fritz Stolberg »From This World To That Which Is To Come«
Screening, Artists Talk

21.12 MOVES#190 Wilfried Franzen & Thomas Grötz »Solarize«
Record Release Party

Image Movement


17.01 MOVES#135 LIUBA »Refugees welcome« / »You're out«
Video Edition Launch | Performance

Audio-visual performance

07.02 MOVES#137 Irene Pätzug & Valentin Hertweck »es ist ein tanz«
Book release & installation [invited by Oliver Kohlmann]

07.02 - 17.03 UTS#14 Irene Pätzug & Valentin Hertweck

21.02 MOVES#139 Hanno Leichtmann »unfinished portrait of roedelius«
Musical performance

28.02 MOVES#140 Pierre Tremblay »Pools«
Screening, Talk

18.03 MOVES#141 Thomas Scheibitz »Christian Morgenstern - Remixes«
Edition launch, Music, Talk

18.03 - 28.05 UTS#15 Thomas Scheibitz »Christian Morgenstern - Remixes«

21.03 MOVES#142 »Decolonizing Music, Rewriting Global Pop Music History«
Global Pop First Wave - Labelpräsentation & Release Party Saz Beat Vol. 3 with Holger Lund

28.03 - 21.06 UTS#17 Guthrie McDonald »untitled«
under the stairs installation

Record Release Party

Seven Speakers 7.1 surround sound installation

18.04 MOVES#144 Bob Rutman »live«
Steel cello concert

28.04 - 31.05 UTS#18 KUR
Soap dispenser & Video

29./30.04 MidnightMOVE#143 Cosmotropia De Xam »Phantasmagoria«
Film World Premiere

04.05 MOVES#145 Marc Matter »Nachrichtentstellt«
Radioplay, Artists Talk

12.05 »Image Movement zu Gast bei 63. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen«
Distributors' screening: works by Kreidler, Dora Maurer, Jürgen Böttcher, Renate Sami, Nguyen Trinh Thi, Conrad Schnitzler, Pätzug & Hertweck [curated & presented by Oliver Kohlmann & Andreas Reihse]

13.05 - 16.05 UTS#19 Halber Alltag Oberhausen
with Monika Jagoda, Lukas Goersmeyer, Marianne Kohlmann, Guthrie McDonald, Andreas Reihse, Mark von Schlegell [curated by Oliver Kohlmann]

23.05 MOVES#146 Chicks on Speed present »We Are Data«
Performance | Multichannel video installation

13.06 MOVES#148 Daniela Georgieva »пони«

15.06 MOVES#138 Tom Nóbrega | Érica Zíngano | Aboud Saeed | James Proctor | Frederico Klumb
Presented by Ricardo Domeneck
Reading, Screening

20.06 MOVES#150 »A Cigarette with Alvaro Siza«
A film by Iain Dilthey

27.06 MOVES#149 »Monika Werkstatt«
Album launch, Artists Talk, Video Screening

11.07 MOVES#151 »SIANA /dans l'entre le carré sommeille«
A nonlinear story
video, sound, dance, performance

25.07 MOVES#152 Kohlmann | Lipkin | Reihse »Into the Summer« II

08.08 - 08.09 UTS#20 Guthrie McDonald »The Well/ Dress Miniature«

15.08 - 30.10 UTS#23 Kyoji Takahashi »Kyoji Photo BERLIN 2017«
Wall piece & magazine

29.08 MOVES#153 Hendrik Krawen »Offene Fenster Geschlossene Türen«
Artists Book launch | Ruined-vinyl set

05.09 MOVES#155 Eva Papamargariti x Beastie Respond x Foul-Up
Album launch | Screening

12.09 MOVES#154 David Hanes »Psycho.gif«
Edition launch

15.09 - 31.12 UTS#22 »Acapulco 78«
Window front installation

15.09 - 31.12 UTS#25 Julius Lehniger »L1«
Neon lamp

17.09 UTSMatinée Steven Day »Prints and Drawings«
Private view

17.09 - 31.12 UTS#21 Steven Day
Prints, Drawings, Fabrics

19.09 MOVES#156 »Fractured Gestures« [curated by Robert Seidel]
Screening [invited by Oliver Kohlmann]

17.10 MOVES#159 Nadja Abt »Seafarers-Seefrauen«
Screening [invited by Oliver Kohlmann]

31.10 MOVES#158 The Mouth »Helloween Horror Show«
Live performance | Animated backdrop

07.11 MOVES#160 Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg »Sieg der Vernunft«
100 Jahre Oktoberrevolution
Film screening

21.11 MOVES#161 »Running in the Family I« - Tobias Yves Zintel & Walter Solon

28.11 MOVES#162 Silva Agostini
Screening [invited by Oliver Kohlmann]

05.12 MOVES#157 Daniel Laufer »Colour Memory«
Screening, Book launch

16.12 »Glühwein, Spekulatius, Konsumprodukte« feat. Claus Philip Lehmann | Andreas Reihse playing artists' christmas records
(with hot spicy wine and christmas bisquits)

Image Movement


19.01 MOVES#108 LIUBA »video-works from performance«
Screening, Talk

23.02 MOVES#109 Ein Abend mit Ellen Fellmann

01.03 MOVES#110 Guthrie McDonald »KEEP OFF THE GRASS (Some Compromises Will be Necessary)«
Floor-sculpture, Videos, with a musical accompaniment by Andreas Reihse

02.03 - 30.03 UTS#8 Guthrie McDonald »KEEP OFF THE GRASS«
Floor-sculpture, Videos

08.03 MOVES#111 Fette Sans »I am afraid you could have been mislead«
Screening [invited by Oliver Kohlmann]

15.03. MOVES#112 Christian Werner »Stillleben BRD«
Book-launch, Reading [invited by Oliver Kohlmann]

22.03. MOVES#113 Anders Edström »Hanezawa Garden«
Catalog-launch, Talk [invited by Ilya Lipkin]

05.04 Moves#114 »Scoopers! IV« Wolf & Ritterskamp - Arts+Crafts Spectacular
Screening & Artists Talk

01.05 MOVES#120 Mercedes Marszewski for Printmodé »Eine Modenschau in 3 Akten«
Fashion-show [invited by Oliver Kohlmann]

03.05 MOVES#115 Christian Jendreiko »12 Kosmische Beispiele«
Catalog-launch, Lecture, Music

08.05 »Image Movement zu Gast bei 62. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen«
Distributors' screening: works by Anna Marziano, Helen Levitt/ James Agee/ Janice Loeb, Jack Chambers, Reihse/Trogdon (OST Franz/Vardag), Klaus Telscher, Prof. Winkler, Hall&Rauch, Fette Sans [curated & presented by Oliver Kohlmann & Andreas Reihse]

12.05 MOVES#116 »Pathetic Sympathy Seekers«
E-paper-series launch

07.06 MOVES#117 Montez Press »Interjection Calendar«
Readings, Book-launch, Videos, and Talk

10.06 - 11.06 »Poster-sale«
Artists' & Museums' posters and prints

11.06 MOVES#119 Ryuichi Akada »Invisible Way«

21.06 MOVES#118 Jan Jelinek »A musical performance«
A modular synth concert

22.06 - 30.03 UTS#9 Jan Jelinek »Temple of Faitiche«
concrete USB block, paper, video

05.07 MOVES#121 Renate Sami »In the City« presented by Carolin Weidner

06.07 - 06.08 UTS#10 Renate Sami »Ein Jahr« / »Am Lietzensee«
On Hantarex

11.07 - 01.09 UTS#11 Amy Lien & Enzo Camacho »Manananggal«

12.07 MOVES#122 Marlene Denningmann »5 films«
Screening, Talk

19.07 MOVES#123 Kohlmann, Lipkin, Reihse »Into the Summer«

02.08 MOVES#124 Nguyen Trinh Thi »A screening«
Screening, Talk

09.08 MOVES#125 Arjuna Neuman »Caesium Forest«
Screening & Talk

09.08 - 07.09 UTS#12 Arjuna Neuman »Multicoloured Dread«
On Hantarex

16.08 MOVES#126 »Crash Course on Brazil«
Reading & Screening Brazil! - presented by Ricardo Domeneck featuring Adelaide Ivánova, Rafael Mantovani, Italo Diblasi, Flávio Morgadoa

06.09 MOVES#127 Tilman Baumgärtel »Schleifen«
A pictorial essay

16.09 MOVESMatinée#128 Sterling Ruby
Book launch | Book signing

17.09 MOVESMatinée#129 Markus Oehlen & VKP
Modular Synth Concert | Record Release Party & Concert

27.09 MOVES#130 Mouse on Mars »Lichter«
Record-Release-Party | Performance | Nacht-im-Museum

18.10 MOVES#131 Katarina Schröter »The Visitor«
Video Screening | Talk [invited by Oliver Kohlmann]

25.10 MOVES#132 »AMACABRA - The Metempsychosis of Justine S.« a film by Cosmotropia de Xam
Film Premiere

2.12 MOVES#133 Andreas Schulze »Erbsen«
Jumper edition launch

2.12.16 - 02.02.17 UTS#13 Andreas Schulze
Window front painting

6.12 MOVES#133 Roman Schramm
Video-screening | Book-launch

10.-11.12 Image Movement guest at Friends with Books Fair Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin

17.12 »Glühwein, Spekulatius, Konsumprodukte« | Andreas Reihse playing artists' christmas records
(with hot spicy wine and christmas bisquits)

Image Movement

2015     curated by Andreas Reihse

03.01 - 26.01 UTS#2 Joen Vedel »Summer '14«
on Hantarex

20.01 MOVES#80 Anika Kahrs »Films«
Screening, Talk

27.01 MOVES#81 Robert Seidel »DVD Release«
Screening, Talk [invited by Oliver Kohlmann]

27.01 - 28.02 UTS#3 Robert Seidel
on Hantarex

10.02 MOVES#82 Sasha Litvintseva »Evergreen«
Screening, Talk

17.02 MOVES#83 Leon Kahane & Fabian Bechtle
Screening, Talk [invited by Ilya Lipkin]

24.03 MOVES#84 Luciano Zubillaga »Things to come«
Screening, Talk

31.03 MOVES#85 Michael Brynntrup Easter Spezial »Jesus«
Screening, Talk

28.04 MOVES#86 Tatia Shaburishvili, Redmond Entwistle »Blissful minutes«
Screening, Talk

03.05 »Image Movement zu Gast bei 61. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen«
Marketscreening: works by Toulouse Low Trax (OST Nicolàs Guagnini), Robert Seidel, Luciana Zubillaga, Harold Offeh, Tolia Astakhishvii, Heather Phillipson, Greta Alfaro, Heinz Emigholz [curated & presented by Oliver Kohlmann & Andreas Reihse]

26.05 MOVES#87 Awst & Walther »Instrumental Enviroments II«

09.06 MOVES#88 Ein Abend mit Michael Franz
Screening, Talk

13.06 - 20.07 UTS#4 Michael Franz +491631615759 | TOUS POUR L'ART! | Snake
3 video loops

23.06 MOVES#94 Montez Press presents Gjergji Shkurti | LINETYPE |AM Bang »On The Rocks« and Calendar edition »Lovely Little Hostages«
Book launch, Reading & Live-music

30.06 MOVES#89 Black Palm »Services«

07.07 MOVES#90 Ursula Sommer »infrastructure«
Screening, Talk

21.07 MOVES#91 Frances Scholz & Mark von Schlegell »Starlite I-V«

Record Release Party

04.08 MOVES#93 Ricardo Domeneck »A Reading«

04.08 - 31.08 UTS#5 Doireann O'Malley Selected video works
on Hantarex

25.08 MOVES#95 Nguyen Trinh Thi and »Hanoi DocLab«
Screening, Talk

01.09 - 01.10 UTS#6 Hanoi DocLab
on Hantarex

19.09 MOVESMatinée#97 Verlag Hecker und Koch ft. Thomas Winkler
Window & Concert [invited by Oliver Kohlmann]

20.09 MOVESMatinée#96 Hall & Rauch

20.09 MOVESMatinée#98 Nina Wiesnagrotzki | Anna Zett
Screening, Talk [invited by Ilya Lipkin]

13.10 MOVES#101 Johannes Suhm »New Offenburg - die letzten Badener der USA«
Screening, Talk [invited by Oliver Kohlmann]

20.10 MOVES#99 Maria Petschnig »Maria Petschnigs C.«
Screening, Talk

03.11 MOVES#102 Kerstin Honeit »INSITE/OUT - viewing Berlin«
Screening, Talk [invited by Oliver Kohlmann]

10.11 MOVES#103 Oskar May »The Lane«

20.11 MOVES#104 »A Night for James Agee«
Book-launch, Screening, Reading [organised by Oliver Kohlmann]

01.12 MOVES#105 Tobias Yves Zintel »V«
Screening, Talk

08.12 MOVES#106 Nils Emmerichs »The back of Hollywood«

15.12 MOVES#107 Anna Marziano »3 Films«
Screening, Talk

19.12 »Glühwein, Spekulatius, Konsumprodukte« | Andreas Reihse playing artists' christmas records
(with hot spicy wine and christmas bisquits)

Image Movement

2014     curated by Andreas Reihse

14.01 MOVES#60 »Käthe Kruse ... und Die Tödliche Doris«
in Bild, Text und Ton, with Käthe Kruse

06.02 - 05.03 »Art Films You Should Watch Now - 2014, By John Waters«
(video monitors) On occasion of his solo exhibition at Sprüth Magers Berlin

11.02 MOVES#61 »Let music play«
Film screening, Talk with Manuel Graf

18.02 MOVES#62 »Sybella Perry - Grey Ladies«
Cd launch, Live performance with Sybella Perry & Alex Paulick, Music selection by Hideous Replica

25.02 MOVES#63 »Momus - An Emotional Lecture«
Lecture performance by Nick Currie

11.03 MOVES#64 »The Snake in the Jar«
Film screening with Luci Lux, Musical performance by André Vida & Taylor Savvy

25.03 MOVES#65 »Emigholz and Kreidler«
Film screening, Video premiere, Artists talk Heinz Emigholz & Andreas Reihse

08.04 MOVES#66 »Scoopers! III« Hoji Tsuchiya - Animation Filmmaker
Animation Film screening with Hoji Tsuchiya

29.04 MOVES#67 Lior Shamriz »Films«
Film screening, Talk

05.05 »Image Movement zu Gast bei 60. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen«
Marketscreening: films by Arf Arf (Frank Lovece / Marisa Stirpe), Ericka Beckman, Michael Brynntrup, Chris Dooks, Teresa Iten / Sven-Åke Johansson, Oswald Wiener / Dominik Steiger [presented by Oliver Kohlmann & Andreas Reihse]

08.07 MOVES#69 The Dead Hands »This Garden is Haunted«
Musical performance

15.07 MOVES#68 Tim Lienhard »One Zero One«
DVD launch, Drag performance, Talk

05.08 MOVES#70 Holly Herndon »Body Sound«
Record Release Party, Drawing performance by Paul McDewitt & Cornelius Quabeck

28.08 MOVES#71 Adam Linder »LYNDY STERL: Feed Your Daughters«
Release party, Performance, and Dj Set by Isabel Lewis

08.09 MOVES#72 Zoe Beloff »The Coney Island Amateur Psychonalytic Society Dream Films«
Illustrated Lecture, Film screening, Talk

07.10 MOVES#73 Zaza Rusadze »A fold in my blanket«
DVD Release Party, Screening, Talk, Candyfloss

21.10 MOVES#74 Ulrich Ziemons »George Kuchar's Weather Diaries«
Book launch, Screening, Talk

04.11 MOVES#75 Naujoks | Kersten | Von Der Schulenburg »Sky Walking«
Musical performance

11.11 MOVES#76 Jürgen Dehm »Mike Steiner: Immaterial Tape Times«
Lecture, Screening, Talk [invited by Oliver Kohlmann]

11.11 - 11.12 UTS#1 »Mike Steiner: Immaterial Tape Times«
Videoinstallation by Jürgen Dehm

18.11 MOVES#77 Joen Vedel »Summer '14«
Video premiere, Talk [invited by Ilya Lipkin]

2.12 MOVES#79 Ann Cotten »Denken mit den Nerven« (Michail Eisenberg)
Weil ich davor halte, daß es den Charakter der Weltweisheit entehren heiße, wenn man sich ihrer gebrauchet, mit einer Art von Leichtsinn freie Ausschweifungen des Witzes, mit einiger Scheinbarkeit, zu behaupten, wenn man sich gleich erklären wollte, daß es nur geschähe, um zu belustigen. (Kant)

Dia Essay [invited by Oliver Kohlmann]

16.12 MOVES#78 Anika in »Greta Lupe: a bad moon reihsing«
Aural Sculpture

20.12 »Glühwein, Spekulatius, Konsumprodukte« | Andreas Reihse playing artists' christmas records
(with hot spicy wine and christmas bisquits)

Image Movement

2013     curated by Andreas Reihse

15.01 MOVES#46 »Weisser Westen«
Video, Performance, Schallplatte with Angela Fette & Phillip Schulze

24.01 - 23.02 »Films by Kenneth Anger«
(video monitors) On occasion of his solo exhibition at Sprüth Magers Berlin

19.03 MOVES#48 » Japandorf« | Klaus Dinger: »Ihr könnt mich mal am Arsch lecken«
Record release party & Book launch with Miki Yui and Grönland

09.04 MOVES#49 Herwig Weiser »Films«
Film screening with musical accompaniment by Philipp Quehenberger

05.05 »Image Movement zu Gast bei 59. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen«
Marketscreening: films by Emido Greco, Friedl vom Gröller Kubelka, Jonas Mekas, Aldo Tambellini, Peter Tscherkassky [curated & presented by Oliver Kohlmann & Andreas Reihse]

14.05 MOVES#50 Giorgi Maisuradze »on Parajanow«
A pictorial essay

28.05 MOVES#51 »Idioholism« - Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with a Vinyl Album Trilogy.
Word, sound and vision with Chris Dooks

04.06 MOVES#52 »MOVES & turns«
Video screening, and Lecture performance by Stefan Römer

06.06 MOVES#53 »Richard Artschwager - shut up and LOOK«
A film by Maryte Kavaliauskas

25.06 MOVES#54 Friedl Kubelka vom Gröller »Photography & Film«
Book/DVD launch, Talk, Slides, 16mm

03.09 MOVES#55 »FilmVideo«
Video screening, Talk with Michael Brynntrup

10.09 MOVES#56 Jan St. Werner »Fiepblatter Katalog«
Sound & Vision, with an Artists Talk by Andy Graydon and Jan St. Werner

17.09 MOVES#57 »Film screening«
Film screening by Nina Könnemann

29.10 MOVES#58 »Desirable Demographics«
Film screening by Josh Kline [invited by Ilya Lipkin]

12.11 MOVES#59 »Sven-Åke Johansson«
Films, Talk

21.12 »Glühwein, Spekulatius, Konsumprodukte« | Andreas Reihse playing artists' christmas records
(with hot spicy wine and christmas bisquits)

Image Movement

2012     curated by Simone Neuenschwander & Andreas Reihse

24.01 MOVES#27 »California Snow Story«
with Films by Kenneth Anger, Deborah Ligorio, Babette Mangolte, Detlef Weinrich

07.02 MOVES#28 »Ben Hereth - Joyful Acousmony«
Musical performance by Benedikt Schiefer

10.02 - 04.04 »Films by Robert Morris«
(video monitors) On occasion of his solo exhibition at Sprüth Magers Berlin

21.02 MOVES#29 »Film works by Nick Laessing«
16mm and Video screenings

27.03 MOVES#30 »Authority Office's Missing Pen«
Video screenings

10.04 MOVES#31 »COMPILER∗04. Replay.«
DVD launch, Screening, Talk with curator Raffael Doerig

24.04 MOVES#32 »An evening with Judith Hopf«
Video screenings

15.05 MOVES#33 »Untitled (plate tectonics)«
A Sound project by Andy Graydon. With guest artists: Paul McDevitt, Aleksandra Domanovic, Hadley & Maxwell, Delia Gonzalez

12.06 MOVES#34 »Lowave - Human Frames«
Film screening & DVD-Launch, with curator Silke Schmickl and guests

19.06 MOVES#35 »Of and With George Kuchar«
Film & Video screening, with Johanna Thompson & Kota Ezawa

10.07 MOVES#36 »Provokation der Wirklichkeit - Die Oberhausener«
Film screening, DVD launch, with curator Ralph Eue

21.08 MOVES#37 »Nuova Consonanza«
A Musical program with Diedrich Diederichsen

28.08 MOVES#38 »A Reading by«
Dalia Neis, Sound design by René Schohe

11.09 MOVES#39 »Torsten Kretchzmar, Avant-garde artist in Waiting«
Film, Performance, Powerpoint

25.09 MOVES#40 »Downstairs Productions«
Film screening by Ilya Lipkin & Joen Vedel

02.10 MOVES#41 »Was bleibt uns übrig vom Film?«
Roundtable with Lars H. Gass, Henriette Hüldisch, Berd Rebhandl

23.10 MOVES#42 »I follow memories«
Film screening, Talk with Gernot Wieland

06.11 MOVES#43 »Pyrolator - Thunder & Lightning«
Musical performance by Kurt Dahlke

27.11 MOVES#44 »Mental Radio«
Film screening, Talk with Tobias Yves Zintel

11.12 MOVES#45 »Keys to our heart«
Film screening, Curators talk with Fanny Gonella & Burkhard Meltzer

15.12 »Glühwein, Spekulatius, Konsumprodukte« | Andreas Reihse playing artists' christmas records
(with hot spicy wine and christmas bisquits)

Image Movement

2011     curated by Simone Neuenschwander & Andreas Reihse

18.01 MOVES#8 »Scoopers!«
with animation films by Robert Elfgen, Markus Vater, Amelie von Wulffen/Michael Graessner, Tinka Stock/Sébastien Wolf/Ian Ritterskamp, Christian Heilig/Sébastien Wolf/Ian Ritterskamp

08.02 MOVES#9 »Nam June Paik«
Lecture by Giorgi Maisuradze

22.02 MOVES#10 »Oliver Laric«
Films and Lecture by Oliver Laric

15.03 MOVES#11 Sarah Pucill »Selected Films 1990-2010«
Films and Talk by/with Sarah Pucill

29.03 MOVES#12 Michaela Meise »Liederabend«
Musical performance by Michaela Meise with Sonja Cvitkovic, Anna Voswinckel, Dirk von Lowtzow

12.04 MOVES#13 »Gabriel von Loebell Herberstein - Miami Gossip«
Film, Lecture, Talk by/with Gabriel von Loebell Herberstein

26.04 MOVES#14 »An evening with Jörg Heiser«
Music and Talk by/with Jörg Heiser

10.05 MOVES#15 »Rock, rock! Let's change!«
Video Change & comments by Kerstin Cmelka

24.05 MOVES#16 »The film works of hobbypopMUSEUM«
Screening, and Talk with Dietmar Lutz

21.06 MOVES#17 »Oder Nice«
Concert/performance by Theo Altenberg & Alexander Gutsch

28.06 MOVES#18 »Outside Awarness«
Screening, Lecture performance by Simon Dybbroe Moller

05.07 MOVES#19 »Mixtape - Films by Kota Ezawa«
Films and Talk by/with Kota Ezawa

15.07 »Image Movement zu Gast bei OSLO IO, Basel«
with films by Robert Elfgen, Markus Vater, Amelie von Wulffen/Michael Graessner, Tinka Stock/Sébastien Wolf/Ian Ritterskamp, Christian Heilig/Sébastien Wolf/Ian Ritterskamp, Mariola Brillowska, Detlef Weinrich, Kenneth Anger, Viola Klein, Ursula Mayer

13.09 MOVES#20 »David Lamelas - Selected films«
Films by David Lamelas

27.09 MOVES#21 »See me, feel me - music videos inspired by The Who's rock opera movie Tommy«
with videos by Craig Goodman, Mads Lynnerup/ Rikke Selin Lorentzen, Jackie Sumell, Kota Ezawa, Little Annie/ Kid Congo Powers, Carla Gaytan/ Heather Snider with Marina Devill and Mike Allen, Jennifer Locke, Cliff Hengst/ Scott Hewicker, Karla Milosevich with Craig Goodman and John Koch, Anne McGuire/ Katya Knyazeva/ Stan Yan, Kelly Maxx, Mitchell Goodman, Gary Fembot, Crystal Chang/ Sekou Byrd, Wayne Smith; curated by Karla Milosevich

18.10 MOVES#22 »Rosa Barba: A Private Tableaux and Somnium«
Films and Talk by/with Rosa Barba

25.10 MOVES#23 »Sascha Hahn - Essay«
Record release party and screening

01.11 »The Future of Art - A Manual«
Book launch, Reading and screening by Ingo Niermann

08.11 MOVES#24 »Scoopers! II« Animated Movies by Mariola Brillowska
Films and Talk by/with Mariola Brillowska

29.11 MOVES#25 »An evening with Andreas Bunte«
Films and Talk by/with Andreas Bunte

13.12 MOVES#26 »An evening with Jeremy Shaw«
Films and Talk by/with Jeremy Shaw

17.12 »Glühwein, Spekulatius, Konsumprodukte« | Andreas Reihse playing artists' christmas records
(with hot spicy wine and christmas bisquits)

Image Movement

2010     curated by Simone Neuenschwander & Andreas Reihse

02.09 Opening of the artists' records section | music by Christian Naujoks & Andreas Reihse
(parallel to Barbara Kruger/ Astrid Klein opening at Monika Sprüth Philomene Magers gallery)

07.09 MOVES#1 »We are not what we seem«
with films by Sadie Benning, Agniezka Brzezanska, George Kuchar, Shana Moulton, Élodie Pong

21.09 MOVES#2 »The Emotional Lecture«
Performance by Nick Currie/Momus

05.10 MOVES#3 »It's all a movie«
Ana Janevski and David Maljkovic, presenting films by Tomislav Gotovac, Dušan Makavejev, Ivan Martinac, Mihovil Pansini, Vladimir Petek, Vlado Kristl

19.10 MOVES#4 »Pause. Valeska Gert - Bewegte Fragmente«
Lecture by Wolfgang Müller

11.11 Artists' records | music by Andreas Reihse
(parallel to Ed Ruscha/ Stephen Shore opening at Monika Sprüth Philomene Magers gallery)

16.11 MOVES#5 »Within walking distance«
Fanny Gonella, presenting films by Isabelle Cornaro, Julien Crépieux, Maya Deren, David Lamelas, Frederico Fellini, Deborah Ligorio

23.11 MOVES#6 »Goslab«
with films by Tamuna Karumidze, Nika Machaidze, Salome Machaidze, Tusja Beridze, Erast, Gio Sumbadze

04.12 »Günter Brus - Bodyanalysis / Actions 1964 - 1970«
Lecture, Talk, Films by/with Anna Brus, Günter Brus and Theo Altenberg

16.12 MOVES#7 »Verblasster Glamour«
with films by Kenneth Anger, Viola Klein, Ursula Mayer, Detlef Weinrich

18.12 »Glühwein, Spekulatius, Konsumprodukte« | Andreas Reihse playing artists' christmas records
(with hot spicy wine and christmas bisquits)

Image Movement

In 2010 the series MOVES has been installed by Simone Neuenschwander & Andreas Reihse.